Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Read!

My mum was rescheduled to work Christmas Day so my family will be celebrating the holiday a day early. It's wreaked utter havoc on my nice and orderly schedule and I'm having to multi-multi-task the next week. And with the addition of the new eARCs, I'm tripling up on my reading. I guess that means it's time to pull the Coffee IV out of storage and hook myself up. And, since Manatee is a coffee fanatic and he's been feeling a bit down lately, I'll be making him a mug of his own to hopefully pick him up a bit. I'm currently finishing up Mission: Vaquita by S.H. Goodhart for my first review, struggling through my eARC of Patricia Rosemoor's Animal Instincts, and rereading Lori Foster's When You Dare for a future backup review. I have so many sticky notes tucked into the pages of Mission: Vaquita and When You Dare right now. Because I take notes using a complicated tier system. I'll explain it one day. As for the actual day of Christmas, I'll probably be wandering about the Orlando/Central Florida area (Celebration, Lakeland, Tampa, Cocoa Beach, who knows) taking photos with my precious camera. I'll even bring along my Christmas Book Haul to take some Bookstagram photos. Or, you know, playing catch up on reading all the blog posts from the past few weeks. Between lessons, knitting, holiday prep, family time, and reading, I've fallen behind on reading blogs. Oops. That's life though. The 20s are for figuring out how to make time for everything, right? For now, I'm going to go take a short nap so I can be awake enough to take the dogs to see their Christmas lights displays tonight. My dogs are already in bed and I've been feeling so jealous of them. I'm joining them! Until next time, have a happily ever after!

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