The Start of Something New

Hello, duckies! I'm Maggie and this is my book blog. Quite the catchy title, yes? It was almost 'Maggie Reads Books' but my best friend totally vetoed it. I recently decided to expand my book reviews from my private social media accounts and Amazon to more public settings. Meaning a new Instagram account dedicated solely to bookstagram posts, a Facebook Page, a Twitter, a Goodreads, and this blog. Starting in the new year, I'll be working to post a book review every week or so - always on a Friday because weekends are family time. This way, I'll have time to read the book to be reviewed and summarise it, study, work, and read for pure entertainment purposes as well. If for some reason I need to have some mental health time, which does happen with my disabilities, I'll hopefully have a draft waiting in the wings to cover. I'm autistic and sometimes I have days where I'm not very communication-friendly, so while I'll respond to comments and messages as soon as possible all the time, some days 'as soon as possible' will be a smidgen longer. I think that's all I wanted to say for now. Until next time, have a happily ever after.

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