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Hi! I'm Maggie and I don't like long walks on the beach, but if you happen to have an idyllic lake in the countryside that has a wooden floating dock I can read on, let me know!
Worshipping books since 1989. There's a story floating around of my first bookdragon episode where I absconded with our copies of Dr Seuss and Aladdin when I first figured out how to read at 10 months old and nobody was allowed to touch them or I'd throw the biggest fit a baby could.
  I've been reviewing books on my personal accounts for a while now and then one of my sisters who shall remain nameless thought I should expand my horizons (that heifer's always trying to expand my horizons). So here's a blog. And a back-up blog. And a bookstagram. And a book twitter. And a Facebook. And a Goodreads. And a LibraryThing. And a BookBub. And a bloglovin'. And a Pinterest. And I expanded my horizons, sis. Are you happy now?
  I put the + in LGBT+. I've been out for 5 years now and what a relief. The journey to being out and proud was long and tortuous and filled with a lot of self-hate. I come from a conservative family (both politcally and religiously) and aside from a long-dead great-uncle who was also closeted, I'm the only queer member of my maternal family. I am queer. I'm still learning about me, most recently that I am genderqueer (here is a great article on that if you're unsure on it) They/Them/Their pronouns are preferred at this time.
  I'm on the autism spectrum and use identity-first language (I am autistic, I don't have autism, it's not a purse I can leave at home when I don't want to have The Autism that day), I'm bipolar with a side of multiple anxiety disorders (raise your hand if you knew you could have more than one...), PTSD, an eating disorder, ADHD, and a personality disorder. Because we like things extra spicy here.
I have an 8-year-old aussie-lab named Skädi Eris and a 14-month-old Great Dane named Andromeda Trance Gemini who is my service dog-in-training - you can follow her journey here.
  Knitting is right up there with reading. I usually do both at the same time. I knit hats and mittens for NICUs, orphanages, cancer treatment centres, and homeless shelters around the world (Brasil, Vermont, Ukraine, Virginia, and wherever the dart lands on the map).
  When I say "all the stitches", I mean it. knitting, crochet, hand embroidery, tatting, hand sewing, Romanian needlework, bobbin lace, weaving, macramé, machine embroidery, machine sewing, and I'm learning how to spin...
  I'm an advocate for S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) because Earth without art would just be 'eh'.
  I volunteer as an editor on Wattpad and I volunteer as an online counselor for at-risk youth. 
  I speak multiple languages, both from home and from DIY learning.
  I read whatever I get a hankering for. But I won't touch horror stories, like, ever.
  You can usually find me curled up in a closet or under my worktable with a dog or two and either reading or gaming.
  I'm both a nomadic soul and a homebody. It's complicated.
  all my links can be found here
  My contact information is:
Maggie Lowe
135 Pompei Drive
Poinciana, FL 34758


Last thing, I actually really do love long walks on the beach, especially in the middle of the night, but you have to admit, that was a cute opening line.

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