ARC Review of Never Dare a Wicked Earl by Renee Ann Miller

Never Dare a Wicked Earl
by Renee Ann Miller
Book One of The Infamous Lords Series
Publishing Date - 1 January 30 2018
Publisher - Zebra Shout, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp
Source - Publisher via Goodreads
"They are the infamous lords, unrepentant rogues whose bad behavior makes for good gossip among the ton. But every scoundrel has his secrets, and it takes a special touch to reveal the true hearts behind their devilish disguises.

Known as a brazen philanderer, Hayden Milton, Earl of Westfield, is almost done in by a vengeful mistress who aims a gun at a rather essential part of his anatomy—but ends up wounding his thigh instead. Recuperating in his London town house, Hayden is confronted by his new medical attendant. Sophia Camden intrigues him, for behind her starched uniform is an enticing beauty better suited for bedding than dispensing salves and changing bandages. 

Unshaken by his arrogance, not to mention impropriety, Sophia offers Hayden a dare: allow her ten days to prove her competency. If she resigns in exasperation like her two predecessors, she will be beholden to this wicked seducer. As a battle of wills begins, Sophia finds herself distracted by the Earl's muscular physique . . . and discovers that the man within longs only for a second chance to love."


I received a copy of Never Dare a Wicked Earl by Renee Ann Miller from the publisher via a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. Any and all opinions published below are mine and mine alone.
Lord Hayden Milton, the Earl of Westfield is shot by an ex-lover whilst coming home one early morning and is in need of yet another nurse to aid him in his convalescence. When his sister hires a young woman for the job, his lordship immediately fires Sophia CamdenSophia isn't about to be deterred by her charge and maintains her position by daring the Earl to participate in a wager.
Sophia Camden bets her job and her future when she dares the Earl of Westfield, if she wins, the Earl must to do everything in his power to help her achieve her dream. Can Sophia last ten days in the Earl's employ and have her dream come true? Will the Earl's most recent stunt make her quit or will she persevere? Will his lordship realise how much he loves Miss Camden before he ruins everything? Is somebody out to get Miss Camden? How long can the Earl's secrets ? Will Celia ever get a new governess?
I enjoyed reading Never Dare a Wicked Earl, it was a wonderful reintroduction to Regency era historical romances that I welcomed with a warm cup of tea and a handknit blanket. Miss Miller did an amazing job researching the Regency era, even going so far as to write actual events from history into the story. Even the sex scenes were orchestrated in a tasteful manner whilst still maintaining the Regency tradition.
Sophia Camden was a joy to read, she's a well-written character showing remarkable intelligence and ingenuity. She didn't put up with any of the Earl's shenanigans and seemed to take great pleasure in putting his lordship in his place.
His lordship, Hayden, is guilt-ridden by past mistakes and I truly understood his behaviour in relation to women. He feels an attraction to Sophia that he tries his best fight until he decides to go for it, even if he isn't worthy, and then he goes all-in to making himself worthy of Sophia's love.
Celia was the most darling girl and I really wish there'd been more of Celia because she was obviously the reason behind his lordship's behaviour. The reading room scene was a turning point in how Sophia regarded the Earl when she sees how the child has her father wrapped around her little finger.
What I absolutely loved about Never Dare a Wicked Earl is Miss Miller worked a well thought out suspense vibe into the story. The story even started out with an attempted murder. 
How do I rate this? 4 stars and 3 flames. I really enjoyed Never Dare a Wicked Earl and I can't wait until Never Deceive a Viscount is available!
Overall Rating      🌟🌟🌟🌟
Heat Rating           ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

Renee Ann Miller writes historical romances that are sometimes witty, sometimes dark, but always sensual. She was a 2015 & 2016 finalist in the Golden Heart Contest® from Romance Writers of America®. Renee penned her first book at the tender age of seven and even drew the impressive stick figures—though clearly those characters weren’t as spicy as the ones she writes now.
She loves romantic stories, excessive amounts of chocolate, DIY projects, and gardening. And pastries… can’t forget those. She lives in the Northeast with her wonderful husband. They met their first day at college and have been married for over twenty-five years, which seems odd since she insists she’s only thirty-nine. Obviously, math isn’t her best subject.

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If you've already read Never Dare a Wicked Earl, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!
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