An Update for Update's Sake

Hello, dearest readers.
I started out wanting to write this blog as a place to talk about books because I really don’t have that many friends in the first place and then, I don’t really have any friends who are obsessed with books like I am. My “sisters” like books, one even reviews them when she has the time but I’m my grandmother’s granddaughter. You will one day come over to my house, open the front door and be buried under an avalanche of books. More likely of a scenario, I will take you on a guided virtual tour of my newly acquired home and you will be positively terrified at the walls of shelving and mountains and piles of books I have accumulated in my life and wonder at how my dogs, my cat (there will be a cat) and I manage to navigate our way through my abode. And I began this blog to share my love of my books. Not just the newest and greatest that have just shown up on the market but the ones that kept me sane when my life was really bad and I had nothing else good in it, that took me off to far off places and times from my hiding spot in an old cardboard box tossed into a pile of junk in the front room I wasn’t supposed to be able to get into when I was little when my mum would be off at class and my dad would be watching my brother and I.
I got distracted by the glitter of Edelweiss (who doesn’t love that song?) and NetGalley and the I CAN READ BOOKS EARLY? of ARCs. I have a book problem.
But I’m fixing that. I’m going to be slowly slipping in an Edelweiss/NetGalley review here and there as I go, but for the most part, my reviews and my posts will be the books I hold dear or that I discover wandering the stacks of local bookstores. Because I’m finally getting my Florida license (I never actually needed my license in Georgia so. . . .), and I’ll be driving about soon hopefully.
I’ll also be putting together some updates for y’all on Manatee. I’ve just been undergoing a lot of testing lately and my medical problems have been giving me some extra bumps in the road to deal with so I’ve been all over the map. But I’m fixing that as well! I have pictures and some video and with the acquirement of my Florida license, Manny and I will be going out and about more for more training and whatnot.
I have one final NetGalley review I’ll be publishing (but I want to reread it this weekend to make sure I’ve got all of it covered) before I start writing reviews for whatever books I happen to decide upon. There’s a bunch more waiting for me to get to but they’ll happen when they happen. Too much pressure makes reading and reviewing not fun for me and I tend to just say ‘no’ to all of it if that happens.
In the future, I want to get involved with Down the TBR Hole posts because my Goodreads TBR list (not my actual shameful list) is in the thousands and maybe one or two other post things that I’ve been eyeing. But not yet. I have some work I need to do with this thing before I start drowning in posts.
I hope y’all keep tagging along and checking out my posts until this blog gets it’s internet legs. I can’t promise I’ll ever be famous, I’m pretty sure that’d give me some serious anxiety issues, but I can say that I’ll keep at this for a long time. I’ve gotta talk about my books somewhere after all. And, since I don’t do well with the talky-talky and all, it might as well be here, right?
I've got to go walk the dogs before I make dinner for the family unit. So, until next time, dear readers, have a happily ever after! And here's a photo of Manatee and the Target Dog!

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