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Hey readers! If you haven't guessed yet, this isn't a book review! In honour of our first major hurricane of the year, I wanted to share a dog owner pro tip for hurricane prep or fireworks or really any situation that might stress your pupper out.
When I first moved to Florida, I had to have actual pharmaceutical tranquillizers for my dogs because of our messed up lives. Storms, firecrackers, and a veritable bevvy of other things were traumatic for them. When Hurricane Irma came through, we didn't have a new vet yet and no refill of their prescription. I took myself to Petco and asked one of the clerks for some advice on their calming agents. And they suggested Isle of Dogs' Chillout Treats. We braced ourselves as best as we could, muzzles, separation for the more reactive two so they couldn't get into a fight if it got bad, and we waited. And, even through the worst of it, none of my dogs had a freakout.
They're good for the dogs and even "Picky Nikki" will gobble these down, we just have to break them up for her because she has sensitive teeth. That's another thing, these treats are easy-to-break for dogs with soft teeth or small mouths. Nom! The actual size is a 1.25" x 1.5" heart-shaped biscuit, FYI. 
Because of mine and my dogs' food allergies, I have to be careful with what the dogs eat. These treats have oat and rice flours, cane molasses, flaxseed, whole rolled oats, canola oil preserved with tocopherols, natural flavourings, apples, carrots, lavender extract, vanilla extract, dried kelp, lemon balm extract, brewers dried yeast, parsley, and yucca schidigera extract. There's no added sugar or salt and no synthetic or chemical additives. They're also corn-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. That's right, no peanuts or sweet potatoes or tomatoes or any of our other allergens! Just call me their biggest fan, okay. Because I am. I'm that rabid fan you see on ESPN who's painted in their team colours, wearing a matching wig, and waving a giant foam finger. Or Drake. He was my top result for a sports fanatic gif. *walks away singing the Degrassi: The Next Generation theme song*
Now, I always have a few boxes of Isle of Dog's Chillout Treats in the dog cupboard. I always give my girls a couple an hour before we go to the vet. And Manny always gets one or two if I have to go to the medical centre for any long periods of testing. That's right, I give the service dog chillout treats. In some of the spaces I have to go in for testing, I have to leave him in one spot or with my mum if she's with me and he's not happy about being separated from me when he knows I have a lot of issues with medical personnel.
I'm giving these all my 5 bright and shiny stars because do you know how rare it is to find something like this? My dogs love them, nobody allergic to them, and they work!

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I'm pretty zonked so I'm being lazy on my exit paragraph. Do good things. Hate less, love more. Help others. Appreciate those bright stars in your life. Until next time, have a happily ever after!

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