Top Ten Tuesday ★ 11

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 - Jana of The Artsy Reader Girl

Seven Reading Noms

I try to keep relatively healthy snacks on hand for reading. I only drink water, tea, coffee, yakult, and milk (yes, ever), so this is only a food list even though the topic is for food and drinks. I am a rebel, y'all. Total rebel. Anyways, I prefer baking things for nibbles but here are some of my non-work-intensive noms.

zicai (紫菜)

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the accessibility of living in a culture hub like Orlando? I can find roasted seaweed in all the flavours at most grocery stores and don't even get me started on how many Asian grocery markets I've wandered into and accidentally walked out with several bags filled with nommage. That is so a word.Zicai is roasted seaweed, you may know it as nori, gim-gui (김구이), or laver. I buy it by the basketload and I always have a package with me. The packages are cute, the snack is healthy, and both myself and the dogs love it. Pro tip : if you enjoy ramen, you can add the sesame flavoured ones to the soup as it sets and hey, look, healthy.

Applesauce Squeeze Pouches

These are great for my scary sugar-migraine-dizzy-fainting attacks and they're easy for me to eat even if my fine motor skills are subpar that day. Just pop it in your mouth and go! So, of course I've got these lying around for when I'm reading! Bonus, Manatee loves them too so he entertains me with eating from the pouches.

red seedless grapes
These are my lifelong obsession! Y'all, roll them in some sugar for a little sweetness. I now live in a climate where I can grow these myself, but, as I've learned time and again, I do not have a green thumb. I'm stuck with buying them.

hard-boiled eggs
just, eggs.

freeze-dried pineapple
this is a definite "dogs & me" treat. They're healthy and delicious!

cheese curd
You may be reading this and thinking, "wait, isn't Maggie lactose-intolerant?", well, yes, so I am. And so is my mother and a good portion of my extended family. And yet, here I am, typing this post and nibbling on some cheese curd. Dairy farmer stock. We're regular patrons of Colosse Cheese in Pulaski, NY since the very beginning.

freeze-dried strawberries
These are our favourite freeze-dried treat! Strawberries! Little secret? You can use these in baking to make strawberry daiquiri cookies. Maybe I'll share my recipe sometime.

I know it's not ten, but I don't really nibble when I eat. I knit. That's it for today and I'm barely squeaking in before midnight. My neighbours wrecked my sleep schedule again so I'm back on a nocturnal schedule until I can 36hrs it again. Blech! Do good, y'all! Until next time, have a happily ever after!

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