Product Review ★ Miss Spa Cactus Flower Hydrating Mask

Cactus Flower Hydrating Mask
by Miss Spa

Get your glow on with Miss Spa Cactus Flower Hydrating Sheet Mask! Formulated with ultra-hydrating botanicals like cactus flower and aloe leaf, this mask infuses moisture deep into skin cells. Cactus flower helps replenish skin’s barrier for an instantly soft, dewy complexion.
Convenient sheet mask format takes the mess out of masking. Simply apply to clean skin for 20 minutes, remove, and pat excess serum into skin. No need to rinse!

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I've just recently recovered from a nasty little virus my mum brought home from her school. I was a hot mess - as I always am when I'm sick. Everything was running and my nose and lips were chapping from the excessive kleenex usage. I stopped by my Target and grabbed a couple masks to try out for the site. Spoiler I'm going to be doing product reviews more for y'all. Moving on, among those masks was a Miss Spa Cactus Flower Hydrating Mask.
Let's start with the package, love it. Nice clean and simple look to it. It isn't so busy that I get distracted from what the product is and what it actually does. Because I collect the pretty things. The cute little cactus got my attention, I like the drawings. Put cute sketches on things, you'll take my money. I don't make the rules.
The directions are easy enough to follow, even I can follow them. And they're cute and complimentary. I mean, do all masks tell you that you're pretty and call you a queen? Because the one I've been using previously, nope. Give me all the compliments, Miss Spa. I need them.
On to more of the review. I have (yes, present-tense) some difficulty unfolding the mask because of the cumbersome plastic film Miss Spa uses. I think it's the perforations in it that get stuck together causing the problem. I'm awkward and cumbersome, so excuse my unwieldy hands (they're not but they've seen a lot of damage, okay). The mask gets stuck unfolding at the middle of the mask in the space that would be covering the philtrum. Thus begins the careful separation of the mask from the film because tearing the mask is bad. Y'all, I'm not too careful. I tore my first Miss Spa mask. Oops! This mask, like the other two sheet masks I've tried, doesn't cover my entire face. As if I needed more of a complex about my "chipmunk cheeks", thanks, y'all. But I like the Miss Spa brand most so far. This brand has small slits pre-cut on the eyeholes so you can widen the eyes and not have the mask gunk soaking into your eyes. Um, thank you very much!
Upon application to my facial space (ha, dork), it doesn't take very long to situate properly. I don't even need to use a mirror with the Miss Spa brand, though I think that's more familiarity than anything else. The Cactus Flower Hydrating Mask has a cool and cleansing feel to it, I actually forget that it's on my face and tend to ignore my timer for a few minutes. But whenever you do finally get around to taking the mask off, you get to spend a few minutes rubbing the serum into your face. Special tip: hum while you do it, it's funny. It takes about 10 minutes (about 15 for me because of the temperature difference) for the serum to stop being tacky to the touch.
In my opinion, I like the Cactus Flower Hydrating Mask from Miss Spa a lot. It leaves my skin feeling soft and fluffy (judge my chubby cheeks!). I am keeping a supply of them on hand for regular use, especially after clay mask time because those always leave me a little dried out. But I'm also buying them for when I'm sick because they saved my face from having to recover from Sick Face (red chapped peeling nose and mouth). I disliked the film a lot and I have size complex issues with the mask (I'd rather have too much mask than too little, right?). I'm giving this a solid 4 stars but completely reserve the right to revisit this in the future if these issues are addressed.

Hey everybody, I'm alive, I'm on the last steps of recovering from the aforementioned virus and battling the messy depression and I am having a mad bout of reverse seasonal affective disorder, I want the leaves to change colour and the frost to cover the windows in the morning, but I'm in Florida. But hey, I'm working hard on and offline. And I have some awesome news! I'm now blogging with Harlequin! I get to have access to Netgalley ARCs for touring purposes and I'm super excited because I grew up sneaking my grandmother's Harlequins and now I get to send her books I preorder with notes that will read "Grams, you've got to read this one, it's amazing!". I'm easy to excite. But I hope to do justice to the Harlequin brand because OH MY DEITIES I LOVE MY HARLEQUINS!
That's it for today and I hope you're still a fan of my blog! Leave some comments, follow, share, I'm not even being subtle today. Sometimes, bloggers need encouragement. Until next time, have a happily ever after!

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