★ Holiday Break and Miscellaneous News ★

Hey readers! If you haven't noticed, I've taken a break from the blog. I'm going to be back up and running in January after all the holiday hubbub and the chaos has settled down. I've been scheduling things ahead of time, shocking, I know! So I have some content all set for you now but it's prescheduled for 2020. I'm just going to be taking breaks every December and June to try to stop the sporadic absences.
I took Manatee to get his picture taken at Petco's Santa Paws for Cause. He had a labradoodle barking at him off to the side the entire time. I'm probably going to go find a Christmas display for his holiday photo that isn't pet-friendly. Because such a yikes.

I've been absorbed into the Happy Planner cult and I've been overplanning 2020. And Happy Planner has thematic sticky notes. Y'all know how I feel about sticky notes... I have made several purchases that were not necessary.
We're applying for one of the houses we've toured, so hopefully we'll maybe be out of this apartment and into a nice house with a fenced-in yard so my chunky girl can run to her heart's content without having to worry about other residents' reactive dogs. And my grandmother can finally come back home where she belongs. Y'all pray for this to whatever deity or power y'all worship.
So, whatever holidays or festivities you celebrate, I hope they are beautiful and wonderous. May 2020 be bright and shining. And, during the upcoming winter festivities, please stay safe in all your journeys.
I'll see you in the new year!

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