Review of Tactical Heart by S.K. Rose

Tactical Heart by S.K. Rose
Published 22 August 2019

My name is Scarlett Mavis. I have a sweet tooth, no filters, and video games are my life.
Let me clarify that last part: They’re not a hobby; they’re not a way to kill the time; They. Are. My. LIFE.
Where family, men, and humans, in general, have failed me, video games are always there waiting for me to return to their warm and accepting embrace.
In real life I may be a heartbroken geek, but put a controller in my hands and I become an indestructible warrior.
What else does a girl really need?

Enter player two, Kane Decker.
Handsome, nerdy, incredible kisser, and just my type. Our first date was perfect in every way.
Then, like always, reality came crashing down with one simple truth.
He wasn’t my teammate; he was the enemy. And there’s nothing I’m better at than taking out a rival player.
But this isn’t a game, and the stakes are all too real.
For the first time in my life, I may have met my match.

Game on.

*at the time of this posting, this book is available via Kindle Unlimited

Tactical Heart was a one-night wonder for me as it quickly drew me in with it's unique storyline. It features two die-hard gamers who are set up on a blind date by one gamer's sister and her boyfriend (the other gamer's roommate), add in a heaping helping of tropes that we can't help but love - insta-love,"I hate him, but I love him, but I...", and the like, and a smidgen of cosplay dorkdom (who doesn't want to dress up like an elf?), and you have Tactical Heart.
Scar was an enjoyable character to read, I've been gaming for decades now (I am a crone) and to see a female gamer as the protag in a romance was a major "hells yeah" moment. Not only does SK Rose give us a relatable hardcore gamer who lives and dies by the stats, but she also puts the misogyny female gamers face into the book in a believable manner. In today's gaming community as women make it more and more known that we, too, enjoy a game, we get a lot of blowback from misogynists and hardcore gamers who think women ruin the gaming industry. I've been there, faced that, so, when Scar goes off on Kane as she well should, I'm right there because dude deserves that mess. (nope, no spoilers)
I'm a newfound fan of SK Rose and I hope y'all join me in her fandom (also, her author fan group is hilarious and if you become a fan, I highly suggest you come join). I'm recommending you check out Tactical Heart if you're a gamer or just a non-gamer nerd (I don't discriminate) and enjoy reading a romance packed with gaming and goofball goodness and hearty competition. There is parental strife, fiscal issues, and a bit of recreational marijuana consumption, so if those are sensitive issues you'd like to avoid, this might not be a book for you.
Overall, I'm giving Tactical Heart all my 5 stars and a mellow 3 flames and fangirling over the nerdiness of this book. I hope y'all take a moment to check this book out because, I loved it and I hope you do too!

S.K. Rose lives in the hellish desert of Arizona with her newly appointed husband and two obnoxious cats. When she’s not writing, She enjoys reading, gaming, swearing like a drunk sailor, collecting swords, and obsessing over the magnificent sea creature: the octopus.

I'm currently looking for a new service dog (prospect), so I'm going to be putting together posts leading up to that and then, I'm going to make a series surrounding training and all once I've found my new canine partner. I see a lot of misinformation floating around out there now and when I was a kid, my mom and my doctors tried so hard to get me a service dog but nobody knew how to. So I want to fix that problem for others in the future. I know it's not a book thing, but it's a me thing.
For this review, I'm choosing New Horizons Service Dogs, a local training organisation that I'm familiar with that's trained a lot of amazing dogs Manatee and I've met in our adventures. They do a lot of good work and donations to New Horizons help alleviate costs for the program, including for disabled persons in great need of service dogs who are on a tight budget (the cost of a trained service dog is several thousand dollars). As always, if you're of a mind and a means to donate, this non-profit would greatly benefit from contributions.
Until next time, dear readers, have a happily ever after!

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