She's Got the Quarantine Blues

COVID-19 has had my family on essential lockdown for 30 days as of today. Because of our family's collective health issues and my grandmother's age, we've been limiting our social interactions since 13 March. Aside from essential shopping trips and two pharmacy runs, total isolation. And y'all. We are not okay. We are not a "the family that plays together stays together" sort, we're four people, cohabitating and interacting in small amounts and never all four together. Monopoly was banned in our house when my brother and I were little because I owned the property my brother landed on and wouldn't sell it to him. There was a first aid kit involved.
I'm not putting my blog on pause for the duration of this pandemic, I've been putting together posts for y'all's entertainment, just not reviews because reviews are hard to put together for me recently. My ADHD and anxiety are going off and everything going on here is making for tense times obviously so things keep being forgotten. I keep forgetting what day it is and I am not comfortable with this!
I think that I won't be sticking to a set schedule aside from my tours and will be posting Top Ten Tuesdays, Book Lists, Book Tags, and random bookish and non-bookish posts. With occasional reviews perhaps. I'll be putting together reviews for future dates but for now, schedules and time construct is not here.
I hope y'all are staying safe and for random weirdness, find me on
my tiktok.
Until next time, have a happily ever and keep 6ft apart and wash those hands!

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