Ten Things to Do in Quarantine

Are you bored in the house and in the house bored whilst avoiding COVID-19? Same. So, I have a new list for you!
Ten Things to Do in Quarantine
Make use of our postal system and send #smilemail around the globe to let others know that they're not alone during quarantine! Am I doing that? Yes, yes, I am! (message me your address on Twitter, Instagram, or my personal facebook- because my blog's facebook and I have a healthy dislike of each other.)
send a card to your local grocery store, hospital, post office, etc. let them know that their work is appreciated. *shrug* My momma always taught me to appreciate people. And I don't people well.
chalk up the neighbourhood! I've seen a lot of sidewalks on social media being decorated with games for people to play as they take their daily constitutional about their neighbourhoods and I have an entire basket of chalk. I'm just really self-conscious and worry about people thinking I'm weird and I might do this one night when I'm bored.

Take your pet for an adventure! I've seen a lot of different pets being taken for walks this year. Ferrets, pigs, a capuchin monkey (they're a thing in Florida), lizards, dogs, cats. Even if it's just a 15-minute walk to start with, it's still an adventure.
Learn a new craft. I've finally gotten around to unpacking my various crafting boxes. I'm tatting earrings to go with my freshly re-pierced ears and I've ordered some thread for a new doily! Just think of the bookstagram photos... I'm knitting new mitred squares for my blanket that I found while moving in. And I've decided to try my hand at sewing some book sleeves in addition to masks for the family (because deities know, I have the material).
buy some DIY birdfeeders you can decorate and put them up on your patio or in your yard!
download TikTok if you haven't already and just start making weird videos. It doesn't matter if they go viral, have fun making them. Dance, joke, tell stories (in 60 seconds or less) of weird or funny or stupid things that have happened to you, cosplay, sing, do skits, whatever. Just have fun with it. Also, tag me (@SkittlesWarlord) in a comment of one of your videos so I can hype you up. Because I have insomnia and loads of free time.
read a book or two, maybe even three! (This is still a book blog...)
Have a Disney marathon. I've been binging my childhood favourites all through quarantine. What's playing now? 10 Things I Hate About You. Kat was an icon for me as a kid, y'all.

Bake. I love baking and now my neighbours know it too. And, I finally, for the first time in my entire life, managed to bake chocolate chip cookies without them turning into goop. (It was a thing that haunted me, moving on) I'm currently trying to create a new cookie recipe. Much to my family's mixed dismay-delight. It's a toss-up. One of my favourite baker bloggers to follow is Michelle, the Brown-Eyed Baker. I've been a follower of Michelle for well over a decade (let's not age me) and her recipes always make me want to run to my kitchen. Considering the scarcity of bread items at the moment, here's Michelle's recipe for bread.
That's Ten Things to Do During Quarantine, folks! I have an amazing birthday surprise happening next month so I'm going to be putting together all of my June posts and scheduling them while I'm also posting my May posts so that I can have my birthday week completely clear. Are you confused? So am I. My poor planner is having apoplexy over the amount of work I'm putting into it. I just have no idea what this birthday extravaganza week is going to consist of with the whole plague thing. Until next time, stay safe and have a happily ever after, duckies!

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