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I know that every day has been a rollercoaster ride this year and things just keep getting wilder. I made the decision to drop out of one of my tours with Harlequin because with current events, it didn't set right with me to be promoting stories where law enforcement are good and right and get HEAs. I didn't like how I have been feeling trying to read these books and still fear for my friends and family members' safety in the presence of police. I'm breaking social media influencer rules left and right by making this post and I don't care.
I have been an activist since before I even knew the word, a feminist as soon as I could form a sentence, a protector from the time I could crawl, and punk before I even knew there was music outside of Gospel hymns and Wee Sings cassettes. I spent the first half of my life trying so hard to conform to the straight conservative Christian Republican mold my family had for me before I accepted that that wasn't me. And when I began officially working with my publishing partners as a 'social media influencer' (still so weird to call myself that, I don't see myself as that), I read their guidelines and thought, "well, this probably isn't going to last very long". Because we're supposed to abide by these guidelines or else rue the day, y'know? Y'all. I'm supposed to avoid personal or political agendas and avoid any content that may be politcally charged or motivated. I'm also supposed to avoid any content that might have a message opposite to the positive and good messages that their brand is associated with. My dudes. Before I had even finished their list, I knew that I would, most likely, not last a year. Because I'm an opinionated bitch.
To get right to the point of things, Once Upon a Time, I Read a Book (dot-com) and all its associated accounts and my personal accounts will not be promoting books that are thinly veiled police propaganda and I will not be promoting authors who spout All Lives Matter or Not all cops... or Blue Lives Matter. Further, because of my health issues limiting my participation in protests, I'm spending a lot of time doing the work I can online and donating what I can to worthy causes such as Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero, Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative & Know Your Rights Camp COVID19 response, Antiracism Research & Policy Center, The Bail Project, The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, The ACLU, and gofundmes for specific projects around me. I'm also making use of my wifi and repeatedly 'watching' monetised YouTube videos that donate to BLM and other nonprofits. If you didn't already know about that, you can join me in that by checking out this article.
Until next time, please stay safe, support the revolution, and wear your masks. I stop breathing and pass out in hot humid situations and I'm wearing a mask, just help stop the spread, folks.

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