A List of Wishing

This page is mostly for my friends and family who don't like the concept of buying gift cards. Especially my brother who still tries really hard to buy things for me that I'll like instead of our "I love it so much, I don't want anything to happen to it so it's going on this shelf of honour for all eternity" excuse we came up with as kids. Y'all, I kid you not. Anyways! I recently learned that shopping sites allow your wishlists to be publicised and shared? That's what this is. A page to my public wishlists. I normally make wishlists as 'future reference' lists like Pinterest but with actual prices and I can click "add to cart" when I want to/can buy. I usually just buy kindle books since they're less expensive for me but physical copies are my treasures.

Barnes & Noble - I'm a Barnes & Noble girl and I will fall on my sword for them. I don't actually have a local indie bookstore so I spend all of my bookstore time at Barnes & Noble. Also, Barnes & Noble doesn't treat their warehouse employees like excrement.
Book Depository - all books, all of the time. And it has free worldwide shipping, no minimum. 
Amazon - I know, Amazon is controlled by an evil billionaire who doesn't care for the common human and "eat the rich" but well, Amazon has it all and I hate how much I rely on Amazon.
I've also been told by some friends that posting my address online is dangerous, but because of some events in my past, I use a UPS box. The UPS store is across the street from a bank in the town centre. What's a creeper going to do? Wait around outside a bank at all hours for the random times I pop by to check the post? 

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