Hello and welcome to my Policies Page. Here you will find out anything and everything that you need to know about requesting reviews. I've broken it up into Q&A format to more easily explain things.

Which Genres Do I Read and Not Read?

If your book doesn't fit within either of the first two sections, I'm sorry to say that I will most likely not read it. In order to avoid that awkward conversation, please make sure to read this section carefully. If you're still unsure, feel free to message me via e-mail.

Genres I Enjoy
Contemporary Romance
 Young Adult Romance
 Paranormal Romance
 Fantasy Romance
 Young Adult Fantasy
 Military/Security/Law Enforcement Romance
 New Adult Fantasy
 Historical Romance - Regency
 New Adult Romance
 Suspense Romance
 Adventure Fiction
 Billionaire Romance
 LGBT Romance, including polyamorous romances
 Science Fiction that is not dystopian

Genres I Won't Read
 Military Fiction (Tom Clancy and the like)
 Horror (non-negotiable)
 Erotica (Smut with no actual storyline)
 Westerns (think John Wayne or the Lone Ranger, just no)
  Dystopian fiction (let's not feed the anxiety monster)

What formats do I accept?

I accept review copies as either MOBI files or physical copies in either paperback or hardcover. Whether these are ARCs/AREs or the final published edition is up to you.

Who Can Contact Me Regarding a Book or Event?

I am always open to connecting with representatives of the literary world and will respond as soon as possible to any e-mails or social media messages I receive. While I do occasionally log out of social media, you can always reach me at onceuponatimeireadabook@gmail.com. There may be a short delay in answering as I am autistic and I do have times where my communication skills fail. If you're of the mind to mail something, my mailing address is
Maggie Lowe
135 Pompei Drive
Poinciana, FL 34758

When Am I Available?

I am easily contacted during the weekdays, Monday-Friday from 7AM to 7PM. While I do dedicate my weekends to running errands and spending time with my family, I am usually available for a couple of hours in the afternoons. I do take certain days off throughout the year, 12 April, 25 June, 12 November, and 25 December are non-negotiable out-of-reach dates.

What Should be Included in a Request?

 an e-mail address where you can be reached
 the title of the book
 a synopsis of the book and/or a link to its Goodreads page
 any links for the book that you would like to be included in the post
 a time frame for which you'd like to have the review posted
 a delivery date for any physical copies sent so I know to be on the lookout for a parcel as I only visit my post box on Saturdays.
 any graphics you would like me to include in the post.
 a Youtube trailer video if there is one in existence that you'd like included.

Where will I post about the book?

I will post my review on this blog, as well as BookBubGoodreadsLibraryThingand, if applicable, NetGalley or Edelweiss+. If you’d like me to post a review on another site not listed, please feel free to tell me which one. As long as it’s a site I can access, I will most likely not have any problem doing so. I try to post on Barnes & Noble and Kobo but they do have (respectively) character and word limits, which I routinely exceed.
Links to each book review blog post will be published on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, as well as in various book groups on Facebook that permit such posts.
Ideally, I post my book reviews on a weekly basis, on Fridays.

What does each review entail?

  A photo of the cover
  Goodreads synopsis - or a synopsis provided to me by the book's representative
ღ  Publisher and Publication Date
  Book series if applicable
  an honest rating free of outside influence
  Links to the book on Goodreads (either via clicking the cover or the title) and popular sites that sell the book. These sites include but are not limited to Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million (if applicable), Nook, Kobo, Book Depository, and, if available, Thriftbooks and Better World Books. If the book's representative (if there is one) wishes for a specific site to be listed, please be sure to include it in your request email.
 a full-length review that is 100% honest in its content, consisting of 300 words or more.
 what I liked and disliked about the book with occasional excerpts from the book -excerpts that I find endearing to myself for one reason or another, not random ones.
 a book trailer if I know of an official one in existence. I hate YouTube, so it's not something I'm going to deep-dive for, but I'll make an attempt to find one.
 the author's photo and their biography blurb, both from their website.
 links to the author's public social media accounts and their website.
 links to any reviews I may have written of books written by the same author or of books in the same series - because that's a thing?

Regarding Blog Tours, Book Blitzes, and the like

If the book is one I'm interested in myself, or if I've read it and enjoyed it or if I just want to talk about the book in some way (I'm weird), I'm more than happy to participate in a tour, blitz, or other promotional event. I will not promote a book that I have not enjoyed reading or am not looking forward to reading

Other Information:

I won’t commit to review every book sent to me. If a book is sent unrequested, the book is assessed to see if it's something I’m interested in reading so I can be completely honest in my review as I feel that if I dislike a book’s subject or genre it will skew my review. And if I do read it, its review is not prioritised. If I request a book, I will provide a completely honest review of it on all of the aforementioned platforms as well as on any other platform the book’s representative requests so long as I finished it. If it is a DNF (Did Not Finish), I'll abstain from reviewing or rating on platforms and simply add it to my DNF shelves so as not to mess with its rating.
Again, if there is anything the book's representative would like me to add that doesn't pertain to my review and rating, please feel free to message me. 
Due to some issues arising in the book community, I would like to make it known that this blog is run by one person. I read as I see fit. Reviews and ratings are from my perspective as it is my blog the last time I checked the billing page. While I am the most awkward potato in the galaxy, I strive to comport communications in a polite manner. I would like to avoid any possible hatemail from misguided authors or rabid fans, any such communications will be subject to being shared on social media so fellow bloggers and reviewers can take steps to maintain their safe headspace. It's 2019, toxicity has no place here. Thanks!
I think it needs mentioning that this is a minority-run blog. While I do belong in the Asian-American community as a Chinese-American, my mum is Plymouth Rock white. I have a lot of privilege on that front. I did face racial discrimination in schools but only after my identity was clarified. I don't have to face racial discrimination in my day-to-day life unless I divulge my identity. I am a queer person with queer presentation and I do not use assigned gender pronouns. I am visibly disabled with an 140lb Service Dane that is another visual aid of my disabilities. Because I am a part of these communities, I spend a lot of time advocating for representation in media including in books, for rights, and for accomodations in public spaces, venues, and schools. It has been, is, and always will be spoken about on this blog. If any of this presents as a problem, that's a 'you' problem, not a 'me' problem. And I'm comfortable not working with 'you'.
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