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Eight Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book
Welcome to my fourth adventure with Top Ten Tuesday! If you're here, you either follow me (and I appreciate y'all so much for that!) or you fell down some trippy wormhole and you landed here of all places. In that case, welcome, darlings. This week's topic is "things that make me pick up a book". Naturally, I thought "random reasons why I'd pick up a book in a store" such as to avoid talking to someone, or because it's a book and it's there. It takes a minute or so for me to catch up with regular people's thought processes. But that's why this post is so late in the day. I had written it that way and then at about 4AM when we were getting the day started, I realised, nope, not the intention of the topic. So I halted the autopub. And thus began the rewrite and no attention span whatsoever. And then, I realised this is Autistic Pride Month and yes, I do things differently and I have had 30 years of doing things differently, I should be used to it by now. And now, now I've re-rewritten them. So. This is my Eight Reasons to Randomly Pick Up a Book.

To Turn to Page 394
Don't lie. I know you've done it. If it's a hefty sized book, you've done. I know you have!

To smell them
That's right, I said it. I like to smell books. I grew up in a house full of books that my grandmother started collecting when she was a teenager. And her kids, biological and foster, contributed to the collection. And the house had rooms (PLURAL) dedicated to holding all these books. You couldn't find a room in that giant house that didn't have books. My safest hiding spots were in those rooms and I always hung out in the libraries at school or my mum's college. So the smell of books equal safe, calm, good. The smell of books is my 'freshly mown grass, new parchment, and spearmint toothpaste'.
If there's a chance of demons
I discovered InuYasha and Yu Yu Hakusho when I was 12 and I loved that demons aren't bad. I grew up with my extended family being uber religious and saying that I was possessed by a demon because disabilities are only real if they are visible. I KNOW, RIGHT? So to stumble across shows that had demons as the heroes? All the yeses in the world. And now we have a plethora of books where demons are good. Y'all. I will read demonic good every single chance I get.
Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with dragons. So if a book has 'dragon' in the title or in the synopsis or a dragon on the cover, I'll be picking that book up, y'all.
If it's shiny
Don't judge me. I love me my shiny things. I have a box of glitter on my bookcase, just for looking at. I will buy a book if the cover is shiny. I don't care if I already have a copy of it at home. This copy is shiny and I must have it!
Strong Kick-Ass Female
Give me a book with a strong kick-ass female leading the way and you will have me forever. 

Here There Be Gays
Is the author a member of the LGBT community? Is the book somewhere in the LGBT genres? Does it have LGBT characters? IS IT PRINTED IN RAINBOW INK? If that book is shooting rainbow sparklers out of its pages, I'm buying it.
To Learn the Dark Arts
I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'm not an evil witch bent on being the fairest of them all. But, if a book has magic, this girl is picking it up. I love me the magic. 

I'm just really done for the night, so have a re-rewritten Top Ten (Eight). Have a happily ever after.

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