A Review of Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct

Am I adding product reviews to my book blog? Yep. It's my blog according to my credit card so if you don't have a dog or a cat, feel free to ignore this. But hey, I have three dogs and I write reviews. I was also hella lazy and pasted this from the pet site, so things are shorter and names are redacted. It's aimovig day. We're lucky my brain is on at all.
PurinaONE Smartblend True Instinct
I know, I'm a regular book blogger and reviewer so this is my usual thing, except it's a product review and y'all can sit down, grab a cuppa tea and a cookie, because this review spilling it. I have a service dog and two dorkdogs and they're all spoiled rotten. Ages 10 (M), 7 (N), and 6 (S). This review is a smidgen different from the regular explicitly honest reviews on my site because public forum. Also, according to FTC guidelines, I get to say "I wasn't given a product in exchange for an honest reivew", I was given a sample to try to get me to come over to their side. Now, this is me seeing the results of this product and deciding to spill all the tea into the harbour, colonial style.
Why did I give this new shiny product 1 star when everything else is 4 or 5? Because this stuff was trying to kill my dogs and well, I don't take kindly to that. If I could, I'd give it 0 stars and certain gesture, but I'm a good Southern girl. So, bless your heart, Purina One.
I decided to try this product because I was looking to upgrade my dogs' food since I try to give them the best I can afford (or not lol). A certain yellow bag that sponsors dog shows has been our tried and true brand for roughly 10 years and well, now that I can afford better, I've been looking and this was the first thing I encountered that didn't have any of the dogs' allergens or my family's allergens. (spoiler - we have a lot)
Moving on. My trio liked the sample packets of the kibble so I went out and bought a proper bag to start their 7 day integration period. And they had their fun eating it and chowing down, cleaning their bowls properly instead of the lackadaisical grazing.
Then we hit the first week of pure feed. N and S are pickier than my omnivore M, N being the pickiest of all. N and S would empty their bowls by the mouthful across the floor, lego-style, and pick what they wanted to eat and leave the rest. Only if I pushed a 'clean up your mess' command, did they pick it up. Then this past week, my dogs have steadfastly refused to touch their food. We've been mixing in beef broth, pumpkin soup, and cans of wet feed, and, even Chinese takeout. to convince them to eat. But enough is enough.
In the past 3 weeks of their being exposed to PurinaOne, my dogs have developed a complete loss of interest in play, they barely drink water, we're feeding them popsicles to keep them hydrated, they have recurring bouts of explosive diarrhea, rampant hair loss, and their skin is so dried out that they're constantly scratching and chewing and licking. Yesterday was the 14-day mark of the 28 Day Challenge, but I refuse to continue since I value my dogs. I swung by the store today and we're doing a hard switch to another brand tonight, no integration period, just to get my dogs off of this garbage.
My advice to any readers is to keep their dogs (and cats since they have a cat food line) as far as possible from even smelling this toxic waste. If I had it within my power to give negative marks on a review, this would be the product I'd do it on. I have 3 dogs that need serious TLC and a vet visit to recover from their experience with this food.

Until next time, y'all, have a happily ever after and hug your pets!

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